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Contributors Needed

Blaseball Reference is powered by open source tools which are developed and run by volunteers throughout the Blaseball community.

A significant effort is required to maintain and continuously update these projects alongside each new iteration of Blaseball. If you are interested in contributing to this effort, we would be happy to assist in onboarding you and finding good first issues to work on. Please join the Society for Internet Blaseball Research Discord server for assistance.

These are the community projects which power Blaseball Reference:

  • Prophesizer provides the primary source of information for Blaseball Reference. It is divided into three parts: a handler which tracks changes in models such as teams, players, and items; a game event parser which processes play-by-play logs; and a collection of SQL views which tie everything together in an accessible format. It is written in C# and uses Postgres as its database. Within the Blaseball Reference pipeline, it is currently the project in need of most support.
  • Datablase provides a publicly accessible API built around Prophesizer. It is written in Node.js and uses Prisma as an ORM for accessing Prophesizer's Postgres database.
  • Chronicler provides an API for accessing historical Blaseball data in its raw format. It is written in C#.

Blaseball Reference would not be possible without the support of the Society for Internet Blaseball Research as well as the following people (listed in alphabetical order):

  • allie
  • Beefox
  • ch00beh
  • Corvimae
  • Cuttlefishman
  • Dargo
  • DLareau
  • Edgarware
  • Gizmo
  • glumbaron
  • iliana
  • korvys
  • lilserf
  • nightpool
  • Paranundrox
  • pokeylope
  • Sakimori
  • shibboh
  • tehstone
  • vriska

Additionally, we would like to thank everyone who has submitted bug reports, suggested features, and been involved in the countless discussions on all things related to statistics in Blaseball.

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